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I’ve never been one to “settle down” and live that "normal" life (lol). I love to travel, see new places and truly experience them. I often say “yes” to adventure before even thinking about the logistics. I’ve been known to laugh, cry, dance, and celebrate with my clients as I truly feel connected to their happiness and love! I hope to be a photographer of life as it is. The love and sadness and happiness that each of my clients are experiencing here and now so that they may hold those memories near and dear for the rest of time! I’m here for the adventurous, the wild spirited, and those who love so big you can feel it just by looking at their photograph. Operating in the Midwest, the East Coast, and wherever you are (I never say no to a road trip). Hope to photograph you soon! - Tori

  • Alllll the ice cream (Ben & Jerry's Tonight Dough to be exact)

  • Sour candy

  • Posting Instagram stories of my dog <3

  • Dramatically singing songs

  • Astrology (I'm a Cancer)

  • Antique malls

  • All things outer space (ily moon)

  • Being left handed


Why do I want to a travel as a photographer? Like many people, I've always been obsessed with travel and the idea of experiencing new places and the amazing people in them. I took my first trip out of the country when I was 19 years old and have had the travel bug ever since. I have a serious passion for meeting new people from all walks of life and learning from them! I truly believe that there is something to be learned from everyone we meet, so traveling to different states (and countries) to photograph people is something I'm very excited about! (So if you're interested in eloping just say where and I'll meet ya there!) So far I've been to 22 states in the US and 13 different countries throughout the world and have been lucky enough to shoot in some of those great locations!


Places I Hope to See Soon:

  • Oregon

  • Washington 

  • Hawaii

  • Alaska

  • Montana 

  • Maine

  • Peru

  • Colombia

  • Chile 

  • Egypt 

  • South Africa

  • Fiji

  • Cambodia 

  • Scotland 

  • Wherever You Are... 


Photos taken by Capture by Kayla Hulsing

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