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Happy Valentine's Day!

Lot's of LOVE in this post today!

Who else LOVES Valentine’s Day?? Everything is heart-shaped, there’s so. much. chocolate, AND I swearrrrr I can feel just a little something different in the air on this day each year. Not to mention all of the ~love~ themed playlists on Spotify. Currently swaying back and forth on my kitchen barstool chair to the “In Love With Love” playlist as I type this. One of the reasons why I love photographing Couples and Weddings is because of just that - I’m in love with love. A hopeless romantic!

SO, I wanted to do a special Valentine’s Day blog post but I wasn’t sure which way to go with it. Looking through my galleries, I decided I wanted to put together just a small little post with some photos I’ve taken over the past year that have some BIG love in them. Some are very romantic, some are silly, and some are just plain sweet. I look at these photos and just have to *sighhh* because of how sweet it is to love and be loved!

I hope everyone has had the best Valentine’s Day yet and that you were able to tell your significant others, your mom and dad, your sister, your best friends, even your doggo just how much you love and cherish them! I’m really looking forward to all of the love I’ll get to capture this year in my sessions.. it keeps me smiling and my heart warm. Thank you to those who have already booked with me for 2019 - we’re sure gonna have some fun times!

Signing off now to pour a glass of wine and to eat my weight in dark chocolate…LOVE YOU ALL and Happy Valentine’s Day! <3

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