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Iceland Forever<3

Backstory - in 2015 I studied abroad in Australia (Melbourne to be exact) and met some of the MOST amazing humans I have ever met even still to this day. In the fall of that semester (autumn break) we decided to take a trip to Bali as a group and that pretty much kicked off our yearly international trips that we have been taking ever since. It’s such a special thing to be able to meet up with friends who are scattered throughout the world at least once a year and each time it feels like we were never even apart!

Okay so now - in October of this past year we met up in Iceland and then traveled to Croatia together with our biggest group yet! <3 I somehow convinced one of my friends to pose for me in Iceland and Croatia (because honestly how could I NOT take a billion photos in ICELAND?!?!? The photographer’s current dream destination?!?!) These were some of the best photos! We took them at Skógafoss waterfall and they are so wild and beautiful and my red-headed Australian babe of a friend, Kahla??? Made it a dream come true!

Below those amaaaaaazin photos are some fun ones we took of each person in the group “walking on water” in Iceland. I only made our group drive 2 hours out of the way for them - nbd.

I’ve always wanted to share these photos so that everyone could enjoy the beauty of Iceland - I hope y’all love them as much as I do!

Location: Iceland (Skógafoss & Eastern Region - Viking Village)

My Beautiful Model: Kahla Else @kahlamay

Friends Who Bear with Me for Photos: Molly Young @youngmolls, AJ Stitt @bankboi22, Justin Luzzi @jayluzzi, Kahla Else @kahlamay, Rommi Crouch @rommicrouch, Kyle Rohrmann @createdbykyle, and JR Groobs @jrgroobs20

Vibe of the Sessions: Wanderlust // James Bay <3

Tori Alizabeth Photo - Documenting the adventurous, the wild spirited, and those who love so big you can feel it through the photograph.

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