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International Women's Day - Glow Girls GLOW

Here is to the spirit, the beauty, and the grace of da ladies!

I just wanted to do a quick blog post celebrating the amazing, powerful, inspiring, creative, beautiful, loving, intelligent, and literally all the other positive adjectives WOMEN in my life who have all influenced me in some way! Women who have all guided me through some of my toughest decisions and have been those who I lean on when I need support. Women who truly inspire me to keep going and keep trying. To challenge myself every day!

To those women I say THANK YOU!

SOOOO with that being said, this blog post is full of images that, to me, depict the strength and love, beauty and grace of a woman!

Keep on keepin’ on gals! ILY!!!!!!!! <3

Vibe of the Post: God is a Woman // Ariana Grande

Tori Alizabeth Photo - Documenting the adventurous, the wild spirited, and those who love so big you can feel it through the photograph.

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