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Kendal & Kenneth : Rainy Greenhouse Romance

FIRST of allllllllll, Kendal is one of THE MOST beautiful ladies I have ever had the chance to meet and know! Not to mention she’s so much fun and so kind!

I met Kendal wayyyyyyy back in 2014 when we started working together at Sun Tan City in Manhattan, KS while I was in college there! Long story short, she ended up becoming my awesome manager at our salon, then she worked with me closely after I became a Marketing Manager for the company. We had a lot of fun nights (helloooooo Beauty on the Beach judges table!!!)

SO I also got to know her husband through her. Kenneth, this head to toe tatted up dude, is a cancer survivor and a veteran. I mean talk about a badass. My favorite part about these two??? Just look at how romantic and IN. LOVE. they are. Seriously. Could it get any more steamy and dreamy, folks???

I don't think so. Mmmmm-HM.

Location: Manhattan, KS

Couple: Kendal Goins @megankendal & Kenneth Goins

Vibe of the Session: Howlin For You // The Black Keys

Tori Alizabeth Photo - Documenting the adventurous, the wild spirited, and those who love so big you can feel it through the photograph.

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1 Yorum

15 Şub 2020

So many excellent images. Emotional and full of beautiful light, awesome work!

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