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Baby You Stay Just the Same <3

On the day Halstyn was born, I woke up expecting to head to Kayla’s house to start editing for the day but when I got there - nobody was home! Kayla texted me, “check the table” and on it was a note that read, “T - so much for today’s to-do list…FaceTime me. xoxo” I immediately started freaking out because I just KNEW Halstyn was on her way!! After face timing Kayla (who was literally having a contraction on the phone with me LOL) I headed to the hospital and was asked to shoot her labor. Lemme tell ya it was a freaking crazy morning in that hospital! Kayla, if you’re reading this, you ROCKED it! (Seriously - she sang so much Miranda Lambert to get her through..)

Later that day, little Halstyn Faye was born and I am so SO thankful that I was able to be a part of her birthday. S/O Kayla for keeping me around for the first few weeks of her life. She is so truly loved by me!

ANYWAY - speaking of those first few weeks of her life! We had a photo shoot nearly every day featuring her but this one was my absolute favorite. Kayla’s bedroom has the DREAMIEST natural and golden light that comes in during the morning time and it made this session beyond sweet - truly like a dream!

Location: Seneca, KS

Mama: Kayla Hulsing @kaylacapture

Babe: Halstyn Faye Hulsing

Vibe of the Session: Nonfiction Love Song // Jillian Edwards

Tori Alizabeth Photo - Documenting the adventurous, the wild spirited, and those who love so big you can feel it through the photograph.

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